Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Last Thing I Truly Am...

is a teacher.

It has hit me hard today, that the last thing I really, seriously am to these kids, is a teacher.

Heck, I teach first grade, and they are asking me today to teach them multiplication, please.

I teach first grade, and 13 out of my 18 students are now on 2nd or 3rd grade reading levels at this point in the year.

My kids are supreme. They rock. Really. What am I doing here?

It has occurred to me, that really what I am here to do is love them. That's it. Plain and simple. They would all do fine without me. Academically they would be ready to enter 2nd grade and could hang with it. They don't need me for that. Of course, that's what I am here to DO...but they don't need me for that.

They need me to teach them how to be a friend. They need me to teach them how to love one another. They need me to teach them how to serve others. They need me to give them hugs everyday and tell them "good morning" when they walk in the door. They need me to tell them daily that I love them so they can hear it. They need me to intervene when arguments happen. They need me to put bandaids on the most insignificant and smallest of cuts or scrapes, but the bandaid will cure all in their minds. They need me to laugh with them at silly things. They need me to instill the LOVE of learning in them. They need me to show them that school and education is important. They need me to transfer the desire and excitement of school into their minds and lives.

That's really what I'm doing here. A humbling experience, by far. I got an amazing group of kiddos for my first year of teaching. God chose to bless me in this way, immensely. I know that any group of students would be incredible-- but these kids take the cake. I feel like I'm a mother of 18. I would lay down my life for them.

Ridding myself of pride, embracing a spirit of humility.


  1. Whitley I love you so much. And I love how you are changing each and every one of your students lives forever. You are such an incredible person.

    And that settles it, no matter what it takes, you are teaching Reece. So start counting down the years . . . :)