Sunday, May 1, 2011

Numbers to Know

Number of Easter Eggs I dyed two Fridays ago: 21.

Number of TCU watercolor paintings made for me last Friday: 5.

Number of TCU paraphenelia I received for my birthday: 4. A TCU license plate cover, a TCU insulated cup, a TCU door mat, and a TCU scentsy candle.

Number of 3D shapes used to build and identify with on Thursday: 300.

Number of days we have been in school: 162.

Number of days left until school is out: 10.

Number of times I am hugged per day: probably 50.

Number of times I feel like I should write or record the Kiwi Eyeball Chronicles: probably 7 times per day. Nothing he does or says should go unwritten. I wish I could stop and record everything he does for you all, but I know I just won't even begin to capture it all.

Number of times I have redone my classroom layout this year alone: 12.

Number of chalk drawings in my honor this year: 100+.

Number of caterpillars turned butterflies: 4.

Number of squares to fill a hundreds board in under 4 minutes: 100!

Number of papers I need to grade and organize this weekend: too many.

Number of cadets in my Second Grade Boot Camp: 21. They all have the chance to move up to general, officer, and commanders by the number of good choices they make.
Number of ranked Officers: 21.
Number of ranked generals: 4.
Number of ranked Commanders: 1.

Number of times I might lose my cool every now and then because one student just WON'T sit down, or one WON'T stop coming up to me instead of raising their hand: eh...maybe every now and then. ;)

Number of times I smile each day because of how great my kids are: countless.

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