Monday, May 25, 2015

Asking for Feedback

So I just did something a little scary. I just sent out my first ever End of Year Parent Survey to all of my students' parents.

And I asked some hard questions. Ones that I might be afraid to read the answers to. Ones that I might have been hesitant to even include on the survey at all.

But, what I've been reading and learning is that when we are willing to ask the hard questions in order to receive quality, helpful feedback, AND when we are willing to read the responses to those questions- we are given an opportunity to grow. Learn. Change. All for the better!

I don't want to be someone who is so afraid to ask for feedback because of what might be said, that I end up not doing it at all.

Here is my End of Year Parent Survey that I just sent out. I adapted it from Pernille Ripp's parent survey that she kindly sent my way via Twitter. Feel free to use or adapt it if you would like.

The only way to grow is to make mistakes, to fail, and to learn from those mistakes and moments of failure. Perfectionism stops growth. Perfectionism says I have nothing to work on or get better at. If I am perfect, then I'm not growing. We must be willing as educators to ask for and listen to feedback, whether from parents, students, colleagues or administrators.

Next up, I will be creating a shorter Google form for my students to fill out about me. I look forward to their insight!

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