Monday, October 4, 2010

The Darndest Things My Students Say...or Do

1. The smallest student in our class is a little boy with a really funny personality. He often moonwalks down the hall pretending to be Michael Jackson-- the King of Pop with another student who worships Michael Jackson in every form possible. This little boy often has revelations in class, suddenly and sparsely throughout each day, during the most inopportune times for such revelations, such as in the middle of a story I'm reading or a math lesson. A few such revelations are:

"Miss Leiss Miss Leiss!!!!!!!!" (in the middle of reading There Was An Old Lady who Swallowed a Chick)
"I FREWED UP IN KINDERGARTEN!!!!!" (huge grin on his face)
"Well, I'm glad you are so proud of that."

(in the middle of reading James and the Giant Peach, another student sitting nearby sneezes loudly and thickly on him)
"Baby, just go get some hand sanitizer..."
(precedes to go over to the hand sanitizer)
After a minute or so, the smell permeates the entire room. I look over to find him BATHING his arms, hands, and face in hand sanitizer.
"(my gasp of surprise)!! What are you doing? I think you have enough."
"Ok, Miss Leiss."

And, the last of this little boy's stories for now, we were making maps of the classroom in social studies last week. We were learning about map keys and how we make a map key to let people know what the things in our map are or stand for. I look over and he is snappin' his fingers, rolling his head side to side and rapping: "I made a map key, *snap snap* I made a keyyy *snap snap*" and dancing in his chair.


2. During TPRI testing, the students have to read a story out loud to me while the rest of the class is silently doing other activities. One of my boy students who speaks at an exceptionally loud and voracious volume, is supposed to read the following sentence.

First, Pam and Dad went to look for seats.

He reads: FIRST, PAM AND DAD WENT TO LOOK FOR SH*TS. (continues reading as if nothing was wrong)

I kid you not. The air got tight in the room in that moment.


3. Recently learning about the letter Digraph "ck", we were using letter tiles and magnetic letters to make new words using our new phonics. One of my rather blunt students loudly asks me:

"Miss Leiss, I want to spell cock now."
"Um. Well, why?"
"Because. I know how to spell clock. And now I want to spell cock. But I need another o, Miss Leiss."
"Why don't we just stick to the words on our spelling and sight word lists?"
"Ok. Well, I still want to spell cock. What is a cock, Miss Leiss?"
".............Like, you know, a male rooster. I think. You know, how they say Cock-a-doodle-doo?"
"Oh, right. Okay. Cock."


More to come as the year progresses. I do need to mention here, and in every post I blog, how much I adore, love, and treasure each one of my students. They are blessings...and quite entertaining.


  1. It's like perma-Sky 1. I am so jellers that you have kids right now. I would trade my books and lectures for a child crying about his lost towel of making raps about map keys in a heartbeat.


  2. I love this. I love you. I love that you are loving all of it. And next time I see you, I may have to crack a cock joke. :)